Bing Crosby
Tree Roses
18" Miniatures

Miniature Trees use Miniature varieties double budded onto a 18" trunk of Dr. Huey rootstock. Miniature Trees can fulfill your need for formal landscape accents in smaller spaces. Create special colorful containers by surrounding the trunk with flowering annuals.

24" Patios

Patio Trees use Floribunda varieties budded onto a 24" trunk. We double bud each tree using the well-proven Dr. Huey Rootstock for balanced tops.

36" Standards

Weeks' Standard Trees are husky two-year-old plants grown on 36" Dr. Huey rootstock. Weeks' Standard & Twofer Trees are quadruple budded for bigger balanced tops.

36" Twofers

Weeks' 36" Twofers are guaranteed to cause quite s clamor in your garden. Imagine the excitement of 2 colors of flowers on just one tree. We've carefully selected 2 different varieties that are perfectly balanced in flower size, floriferousness, foliage and habit to bud onto our 36" Dr. Huey rootstock. A real attention grabber!