Planting a Rose Bush
Step 1
As soon as you get your new roses home, remove the biodegradable fiber pots from this box & from their plastic bags. Water the soil in the pots immediately & keep it moist until you're ready to plant. Don't allow the soil to dry out at any time.
Step 2
Select a sunny spot where the soil drains well. Dig a very generous planting hole. Amend the soil you removed with potting soil, compost, or loam to make it loose & crumbly.
Step 3
With a utility knife, make 4 six-inch cuts down the sides of the pot & 2 two-inch cuts in the bottom of the pot to encourage root growth.
Step 4
In milder climates, place the pot in the hole so the rim will be an inch below the final soil surface. In climates where winters are cold, place the pot so the rim is 4 inches below the final soil surface. Use your amended soil to fill the remainder of the hole.
Step 5
Compact the soil & eliminate large air pockets by generously watering the soil with a gentle stream from the hose. Add more amended soil & water until the soil in the planting hole is level with the surrounding soil.
Step 6
With a very sharp pruner, cut a half-inch off the top of each cane. Do not fertilize your roses until a month after planting. Roses will begin blooming about eight weeks after planting.